Make Your Bed Sheets Last Longer Between Washing

Make Your Bed Sheets Last Longer Between Washing
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Let’s face it, doing the laundry isn’t the most fun activity. What if you could use your bed sheets longer between washes while still sleeping in clean sheets? Here’s a trick to do just that.

Apartment Therapy reader Chellyt84 confesses her secret: She makes the bed with both the flat and fitted sheets, but sleeps on top of the flat sheet. After a week, she removes the flat sheet and sleeps on the fitted one. So instead of washing the sheets every week, she only has to do it every other week.

You might need more pillowcases and duvet covers to rotate, however, if you want the whole bed to be clean. Alternatively, you can keep them fresher for longer by showering before bed, avoiding a nap after you’ve been sweating all day and keeping pets and food away from it.

Just remember, if you’re not washing your bed sheets regularly, means you’ll be sleeping on a build up of fungi, bacteria, pollen and dead skin. If that’s not enough to encourage you to freshen up your bed linen often, dirty sheets can trigger asthma and other allergies and can be a haven for critters.

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