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I suppose there are some couples who feel as though divide household chores and childcare exactly 50-50 and are perfectly happy all the time and give each other foot massages every night.

But for most people I know, every day is a particularly exhausting combination of whack-a-mole, an obstacle course and a flogging. And it can be difficult, while in the midst of the flogging, to not feel resentful if you think you’re taking on more than your fair share.


The old trope of "cleaning up for the cleaning lady" isn't entirely silly: While you should leave the real cleaning for the person you've hired to clean, you should also tidy up - and maybe even do a few spot-checks. If it's your cleaner's first time in your home, you should also have some instructions prepared. It will make both of you much happier.


My job is 50 per cent writing, 25 per cent cooking, 10 per cent eating and 15 per cent washing stupid dishes. I hate washing dishes because it's very boring and also because it has a tendency to make my hands look and feel very sad. To combat Sad Dish Hands, I have developed the Sad Dish Hands Manicure, and all you need to avail yourself of its wonder is some cheap dish gloves and some lotion.


Sure, that box of Lipton can be great when you want a cup of tea in the morning, but those bags can actually be good for a whole lot more than drinking. From relieving pain to cleaning furniture, here are a few unexpected uses for those tea bags in your cabinet.