These Fitted Sheet Hacks Will End Your Bed-Making Struggles

These Fitted Sheet Hacks Will End Your Bed-Making Struggles

The fitted sheet, unlike the flat sheet, is a necessity for making your bed and yet it chooses to be so damn difficult.

Fitted sheets put up a fight when you try to spread them over your mattress; they don’t hang out to dry nicely and don’t even get me started on trying to fold one. But this is a symbiotic relationship and if we want sheets on our beds we have to learn to master the fitted variety.

So, here’s a few fitted sheet hacks that should help ease your bed-making struggles.

How to identify the top and bottom of your sheet

A gem in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group shared this genius piece of knowledge that will help you identify the right placement of your fitted sheet every time.

Basically, all you have to do is find the tag in the corner of your fitted sheet (or flat sheet). That tagged corner must then always be placed in the top left or bottom right of your bed. Then it will fit every time.

Boom. No more struggling to figure out which way your sheets go.

How to apply a fitted sheet

Fitted sheets need to cling to your bed in order to do their jobs, so naturally, their elastic just likes to bounce back from every corner you apply it to. This often results in getting three corners properly fitted only for one to pop off as you apply the fourth.

This fitted sheet hack should change all that.

The next time you go to apply your fitted sheet, fit it to one corner, and then choose the opposite diagonal corner as your next target. Moving to a diagonal will avoid any leverage for the first corner to pop free.

If one of your corners is stuck against a wall or a headboard, do that one first. The rest of the corners should fit easily after that.

How to fold a fitted sheet

The only thing harder than applying a fitted sheet is folding one. Their odd shapes often result in a graceless ball of fabric that gets shoved into your cupboard, dreaming of the days it was once folded properly.

Well, the good news is we have an easy guide for folding a fitted sheet.

Start by laying your sheet flat with the elastic side facing upwards. Use the end of the stitching on each corner of your sheet as a guide and fold them inwards until you have a rectangle.

Once it’s a nice rectangle you can fold it in half so the corners meet, and again until you have a nice flatly folded sheet.

But would you believe there are multiple ways to fold a fitted sheet? I seem to have expertly avoided all of them throughout my life but here they are if you want a few options.

Now, you should have no fear about washing and changing your sheets as necessary – which you should definitely do more often than you think.

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