Five Obscure Crime Dramas For The Fan Who’s Seen Everything

Five Obscure Crime Dramas For The Fan Who’s Seen Everything
Image: BBC

There’s a healthy selection of crime dramas out there to keep you occupied but some crime buffs will binge series after series until there’s practically nothing left. Once I finish one, I scour the internet searching for anything to satiate my crime-drama thirst but at some point, I’m bound to run out.

I get what it’s like when you finish a series and you want something similar to fill the void, so here’s some we’ve rounded up for you in case you’re looking for a crime fix.

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I’ve decided to focus on series that received little limelight compared to the big dogs like True Detective and Mindhunter. Enjoy.

1. Quarry (2015)

Image: Warner Bros. Television

You can catch Quarry‘s only season on Foxtel Now.

2. The Bridge (2013)

Image: 20th Television

The Bridge

You can buy it on the Google Play store.

3. Thirteen (2016)

Image: BBC

Killing Eve

Stream it on Stan.

4. Evil Genius (2018)

Image: Netflix

Evil Genius

It’s often disturbing, particularly when they show you graphic video footage of the victim’s demise, and a frustrating watch but this tale will leave you unsure of what or who to believe.

Netflix is where you’ll find Evil Genius.

5. Top Of The Lake (2013)

Image: See-Saw Films

Top Of The LakeChina Girl

While Moss’ acting chops are reliably impressive: you’ll just have to get past the fact her Australian accent is, surprise, garbage.

You can stream it on on Foxtel Now.

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