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Australian streaming service Stan has been loading up their programming with tons of great TV shows and movies as of late, with a strong focus on exclusive content and Originals. If you've recently jumped on board (Preacher or Twin Peaks draw you in?), you might not be familiar with all the tricks and shortcuts you can use.

Here's the best ones we use all the time -- from finding 4K content to downloading your favourite shows.


There'll be no Game of Thrones airing this April to sate your incessant zombie dragon fetish (how did they get the chains down there?), so what ever is a couch potato to do? Find some new shows! With the rise and rise of streaming, it's easier than ever to dig in to a back catalog of TV dramas and Stan have a whole lot of the good stuff.

Here's some of their best TV dramas.


As the year marches onward, you might be asking "When does my favourite TV show come back?", "What new shows do I need to binge this year?" and "Wow, Netflix's Nailed It is really brilliant, right?" Well, we're here to answer all of those questions, bringing you the what and when of all of 2018's best TV shows.


It’s not just documentaries that tickle the cerebrum and get the brain juices flowing. From Billions to The West Wing, there are a host of fiercely intelligent dramas that test your ability to concentrate and keep up. These are the shows that not only entertain but expand the mind.

Here are the Top 10 programmes that force you to think - and possibly make you smarter - just by watching them.


Have you ever been rudely surprised when logging onto Netflix or Stan to watch a particular movie, only to find that movie mysteriously missing? We've come to expect ever-expanding libraries of content from streaming services, especially in Australia where services such as Netflix are relatively young. The sad truth of the matter is that Netflix giveth and thus Netflix must taketh away -- but at least there's a way to find out just what it is that's disappearing.


The recent release of I, Tonya and the upcoming Winter Olympic Games has likely got you excited for some figure skating and for sports films. The genre isn't stacked with classics, but there are some absolute gems littered throughout cinema history over the past fifty years. Here's some of the best of them (and where to stream them!).


On January 1 2018, Aussie streaming service Stan unleashed Romper Stomper, a sequel to Geoffrey Wright’s controversy baiting 1992 movie of the same name. To commemorate the occasion, here are ten of the most controversial television shows of all time.

Some are here for what they showed on screen, others for what went on behind-the-scenes, but all caused phonelines to melt and the interwebs to explode.


2017 was stacked with TV shows you did love - Stranger Things returned, Big Little Lies had people talking and I've heard enough about Twin Peaks from our Managing Editor to last me a lifetime. Crazy that with all this great TV, no one talked about Young Sheldon, right?

Here's eight TV shows you might have missed this year (this list definitely doesn't include Young Sheldon).


Ever since Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner in 1982, the writings of Philip K Dick have been a rich source of inspiration for Hollywood. Brimming with paranoia, mind-bending concepts, unpredictable and surreal imagery; his counterculture generating novels and short stories have often proved alarmingly prescient for modern audiences.

Now, as the Sci-fi anthology series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams streams on Stan., here are the best, and worst, adaptations of the author’s greatest work.