Our Favourite DIY Condiment Recipes

A good condiment can make a meh meal worth eating. When doused or dipped in the right sauce or spread, formerly unappealing foods become tantalising, and your fridge should be stocked with a few flavourful friends to help make eating more fun. Below you’ll find our favourite dressings, condiments, and sauces of 2019 (a lot of them are butter based).

This Compound Butter Is Basically Duck Frosting

Sheet Pans Make Great Pan Sauces Too

Preserve Buddha’s Hand Citron Just as You Would Lemon

How to Make Black Garlic Butter

How to Choose the Right Mustard for Your Vinaigrette

The Secret to the Best Browned Butter

How to Make Salad Bar-Style Lemon Tahini Dressing

Glaze Roasted Meats With Mustard and Jam

Make Corn-Flavored Butter With Cobs and Husks

The Best Steak Salad Doesn’t Need a Fancy Dressing

Brie Butter Is the Best Compound Butter

Transform Any Creamy Dressing With Burnt Onion

How to Make Your Own Duke’s-Style Mayonnaise


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