The Best Snack Hacks Of 2019

Snacking is an art form. Unlike meals, which should be substantial and sustaining, snacks should be edible entertainment, with intense flavours, varying textures, and unexpected tasting notes. From giant pickles to waffled prosciutto, these are our favourite snack hacks of 2019.

This Green Garlic Sauce Tastes Like a Pringle

Sprinkle Ramen Powder on French Fries

Make a Giant Jar of Giant Pickles With a Giant Zucchini

Snacks You Can Safely Make While Super High

Make Prosciutto Crisps in Your Waffle Maker

Put MSG in Everything, You Cowards

Build Your Nachos on Doritos

When You Buy Edibles, Buy a Cannabis-Free Version As Well

Marmite Makes Any Dip Better

Pulverize Seasonings Before Sprinkling Them on Popcorn

How to Make a Ramen Egg

Pickle Grapes for a Surprisingly Good Time

How to Stop Hating Candy Corn

Make Cookie Butter From Danish Butter Cookies


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