How Many Kilojoules Does Swimming Burn? [Infographic]

How Many Kilojoules Does Swimming Burn? [Infographic]
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If you’re keen to get fit but don’t want to join a gym, your next best bet is your local pool. As this infographic from Bakyard Ocean illustrates, swimming is one of the most effective ways to burn off energy, lose weight and build muscle.

Sixty minutes of swimming can burn as much as 2987 kilojoules – and you can easily tailor the level of activity to suit your fitness level.

Swimming is particularly well suited to people who want to build and maintain muscle definition, which is why all professional swimmers look like Adonis reborn. It’s also good for lowering cholesterol and cardiovascular exercise while remaining gentle on bone joints.

The below infographic contains a bunch of tips and factoids that cover multiple water sports and activities. Now grab your budgie-smugglers and get stuck in!

How Many Kilojoules Does Swimming Burn? [Infographic]

[Via Backyard Ocean]


  • Interestingly my Christmas new Garmin Vivoactive HR measured my 900m swimming to 505 calories or 2112 kj… mostly breast stroke. The infograph would put that as somewhere around 1000 kj (1/3 of the 3000m stated in your example for breaststoke). I wonder if my Smart Watch can tell the effort / burning of calories for me versus the figures above… Mind you I am about 30 kgs heavier, male and over 6 foot if that makes a difference.
    In any case good evidence that swimming no matter how far or much is great exercise!
    Before anyone jumps in (lol) yes I didn’t swim much, had a bad back, was trying out the new toy (watch) in my regular pool and had a few weeks off so I was going easy… So no comments on my performance in the water. I already beat myself up about how slack I can be!
    FYI: I am off to the pool tonight so 😛

  • On the 25th January, it’s nearly summer? ‘Cause if this is spring, it’s doing a mighty good impression of being summer. And if this is a northern hemisphere article, it’s still a pretty fornicating long way from summer, don’t you think?

    I think you either need to re-examine your understanding of the seasonal dates more carefully or pay more attention to the editing of your canned articles for quiet days.

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