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  • Why Sleep Is So Important for Losing Weight

    Why Sleep Is So Important for Losing Weight

    When it comes to weight loss, diet and exercise are usually thought of as the two key factors that will achieve results. However, sleep is an often-neglected lifestyle factor that also plays an important role. The recommended sleep duration for adults is seven to nine hours a night, but many people often sleep for less…

  • A Tasty Meal Plan For Building Muscle And Stripping Fat

    As with workouts, there is an acknowledged lack of specificity when it comes to diet and nutrition. You’re better off with a set of broad guiding principles that can be applied as a base layer. With that in mind, here is my personal meal plan and macro breakdown that will help to trim fat and…

  • Should You Drink Full-Cream Milk?

    The Heart Foundation now recommends full-fat milk, cheese and yoghurt or reduced-fat options as part of its updated dietary advice for 2020. This moves away from earlier advice that recommended only reduced-fat dairy when it comes to heart health. So, what’s behind the latest change? And what does this mean for people with high blood…

  • Will Eating Nuts Make You Gain Weight?

    The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend we eat 30g of nuts – a small handful – each day. But many of us know nuts are high in calories and fat. So should we be eating nuts or will they make us gain weight?