Killer SIM Deal: 103GB On Optus Network For $28!

Killer SIM Deal: 103GB On Optus Network For $28!
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Circles.Life has resurrected its super-cheap 100GB SIM-only deal. It comes with 100GB data and unlimited calls/text for just $28 per month. There’s no lock-in contract and the deal lasts for six months. Here are the details!

The oddly named Circles.Life is a new MVNO running on Optus’ 4G network. Its 100GB plan is currently going for just $28 per month. Normally this plan only comes with 20GB, so you’re basically getting an 80GB bonus every month.

In addition to the above, the plan comes with an extra 3GB of “bill shock protection”. In other words, the data cap is really 103GB. Here are the inclusions. (Click on our interactive table to learn more about the deal.)

There are a few caveats to be aware of, however. The 100GB is only offered for the first six months. After that, your allowance drops to a decidedly less attractive 20GB. However, there’s no lock-in contract which means you’re free to cancel as soon as the promotion ends.

To get the deal, you need to sign up before December 18 and use the discount code ‘WHISTLEOUT’ at checkout. The SIM must also be activated before 2020.

Here’s how the Circles.Life deal compares to similar plans on the market from rival telcos:

If 100GB is too much for your needs, Circles.Life is also still running its 20GB for $18 plan which isn’t too shabby. That one runs until the end of the month. Here are the inclusions:

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