Last Chance to Get a 100GB Mobile Plan for under $30

Last Chance to Get a 100GB Mobile Plan for under $30
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The end of the current financial year is coming to a close very soon, which also means that time is running out to take advantage of the EOFY discounts.

As far as mobile deals go, we’ve seen what Telstra, Vodafone and Optus have to offer, with each telco offering similarly large discounts for flagship Apple and Samsung smartphones.

While most of these deals are good, if you’re not in the market for a new phone these plans might not be relevant to you. So what’s on offer if you want a cheap mobile plan?

Get a 100GB plan for under $30

Having a SIM-only that doesn’t meet your mobile data needs can be frustrating. If you keep hitting your cap before the month is over, you’ll be paying out the nose to recharge it.

Launched back in September of 2019, and by powered by Optus Mobile Network, Circles.Life is offering three fairly cheap mobile plans with solid chunks of data. Those cheap plans have just gotten cheaper because the telco is currently running EOFY discounts across its SIM-only plans.

These EOFY deals are:

  • 8GB for $14/month (usually $18) – with the code 8GBEOFY
  • 50GB for $18/month (usually 20GB for $28) – with the code 50GBEOFY
  • 100GB for $28/month (usually $38) – with the code 100GBEOFY

These deals last for the first 12 months you’re with Circles.Life and reverts back to full price once the period ends. However, these plans have no contracts, so you’re free to leave whenever you please.

If you’re after a plan that’s under $20, the Circles.Life’s boosted 20GB plan has some great value. Not only has the monthly data allowance been more than doubled to 50GB, but you’ll also be saving $120 over the discount period. Not to mention that this discounted price is the exact same as the standard price for the telco’s 8GB plan.

The 20/50GB and 100GB plans also come with 3GB Bill Shock Protection, so if you cap your monthly allowance you’ll get an additional 3GB of data at no extra cost.

These Circles.Life offers are available until July 1. Depending on which plan you take, you’ll save $48 to $120 over the 12 months.

How does this 100GB plan compare to other telcos?

Compared to the other mobile plans with 100GB of monthly data, the SIM-only plan offered by Circles.Life is the cheapest available for that data tier.

If you’re looking for a SIM-only plan with extra data and are willing to spend a bit extra to get it, there’s one plan that stands head and shoulders above all the rest. During its EOFY sale, Optus has revived its Optus One plan, which will give you a gigantic 500GB data allowance for $65/month (for the first 12 months you’re on the plan).

For the sake of comparison, the telco with the closest data allowance is Spintel, which is offering only 200GB for the same monthly price.

You can check out a full comparison of SIM-only plans in the table below:


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