KFC Just Opened A Futuristic Drive-Thru In Australia

Image: Lifehacker Australia/Sarah Basford

Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC as we know it, is rearing up to open its first drive-through only concept store in Australia. It's the first place in the world to launch the idea so here's how it differs from a regular restaurant.

'KFC' Is Getting The Chop In Australia (But Don't Freak Out)

Since 1991, KFC has been synonymous with fried chicken but the fast-food franchise has plans to kill off its iconic logo and name for the past three decades in favour of nostalgia. That's right: we're apparently ditching the acronym and going back to 'Kentucky Fried Chicken'.

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How does it differ from a regular store?

Drive-through stores have existed for decades but KFC's new store opening up in Broadmeadow changes the game up a bit.

Image: Lifehacker Australia/Sarah Basford

Users are expected to download the KFC app, pop in their order and then rock up to the store whenever they feel like before the day's close. Once you arrive at the store, you drive up to the boom gates, 'check in' your order with a unique code then wait until the boom gates raise before retrieving your fried goodness at the collection window. If there are separate orders in the car, you can add them all in at once for a single collection and once they're all ready, drive through the boom gates to pick them all up at once.

Image: Supplied

Once your order code is popped in at the boomgates in, the real humans in the KFC kitchen will start to assemble your order so it's ready for your hot and sweaty hands in minutes.

And if you don't want to order through the app, you'll have the ability to rock up to the store, scan a QR code to bring up the website (or search for it the old fashion way) and enter your order in there without handing over any details. Payment at the window is also offered if you're not a fan of putting your card details over the internet.

Image: Lifehacker Australia/Sarah Basford

There are five lanes available with three of them dedicated to pre-ordered meals with the remaining two left for traditional drive-through orders. That means no apps or website, just rock up, order your poisons and drive through when they're ready for collection.

When's it opening and will it come to my town?

KFC's planning on opening its new world-first drive-through in Newcastle's Broadmeadow on Wednesday 13 November. As it's a new concept, there will understandably be some kinks to work through but if it proves to be a success, expect more openings to be announced.

Lifehacker Australia has already confirmed with KFC that a new store is opening up in South Australia's Mount Gambier in January 2020 making it the second in the world and the first franchise-owned store. It's understood there'll be more announcements on the way.

What a time be alive for all the KFC fans out there.

The author was provided with accommodation and a Tesla hire car by Kentucky Fried Chicken to visit the new store.


    I wonder how this is going to go down against the laws regarding "use of a mobile phone while operating a running vehicle"

      ...because the phone would be being used on private property and not a public road?

    Considering KFC typically takes approximately 2.5 hours to prepare your order, I can see the lines being rather long...

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