Oh Look, KFC Has A Heart-Attack Burger

Oh Look, KFC Has A Heart-Attack Burger
Image: Wolf of Eat Street

When it comes to drumming up hype for a new burger, size matters. The bigger, the juicier and the more heart-attack inducing, the better.

And what has the potential to be all those things and more? Maybe three fried chicken fillets stacked on one another with some bread slapped on either side to disguise this monstrosity as a meal.

This abomination, called The Triple Stacker, is being sold by KFC for a limited time only. It’s being touted as their biggest burger ever and we’re inclined to believe them. Want to sink your teeth into one? You’ll need to order through KFC’s mysterious secret menu and pick up your very last meal in store.

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KFC released their secret menu back in March and fans have since enjoyed the monthly rotation of The Nug-a-Lot and Kentucky Slider. If you want to find other items on the mysterious secret menu, you’ll need to download their app and hunt for clues to reach the menu.

Here are the hints supplied by KFC:

There’s a secret menu for those in the know,

With unreleased treats designed by staff long ago.

This gift to the world, it’s time to bestow,

Solve my riddle to discover where to go.

Find the place in the App where the food is on show,

Swipe down and hold for eleven, nice and slow.

My secret you’ll find when the Colonel says hello,

But make sure you keep it on the down low.

And here’s the Lifehacker translation:

  1. Download the KFC app to your iOS or Android device
  2. Start the app and hit the Order Now button
  3. Search for a local KFC store (I prefer to not give the app access to my location – no need to share more information than necessary)
  4. Once you’ve found a store, tap on the Order button
  5. When you see the menu, scroll down till you see a cartoon version of Colonel Sanders and hold for a couple of seconds
  6. When you release you’ll see the Secret Menu

Get in quick as The Triple Stacker is only around for a limited amount of time.


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