How To Boost Your Happiness Levels [Infographic]

How To Boost Your Happiness Levels [Infographic]
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The world can be a pretty terrible place. Even when things are going good, there’s always a grim news headline waiting to completely spoil your day. If you’re finding that life has lost some of its colour, you probably need to reboot and focus on the things that make you happy. This infographic suggests 37 ways to to tweak your everyday life for a happier existence.

The infographic below was put together by Vegas Extreme Skydiving. Despite this, it doesn’t mention thrill-seeking or “YOLO” style rubbish at all. Instead, the advice is broken into useful segments such as relationships and hobbies, with an emphasis on physical health.

“A healthy outlook and regular exercise can be the first things to go when our happiness falters, so applying deliberate attention to these areas can be essential in maintaining our inner well-being,” the accompanying blog post explains.

“While the occasional treat (a sofa day, a dessert) can provide passing pleasure, a lifestyle of healthy eating and physical activity can help produce happiness-inducing chemicals, as well as seeing off the aches, pains and complaints that can gnaw away at our moods.”

Check out the full list of “happiness matrix” boosters below.

How To Boost Your Happiness Levels [Infographic]


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