Here's How Much The iPhone X Costs Around The World [Infographic]

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Is this the world we live in now? A world where new phones retail for more than $1500? Imagine all the things you could buy with that kind of money! Yep, the iPhone X comes in at a wallet-decimating $1579 in Australia but, as this infographic shows, some countries have it even worse than us.

Courtesy of Business Insider, this tidy infographic details the cost of the iPhone outside of the US, and it's no surprise to see that the cost of buying Apple's new flagship iPhone dramatically increases for those living outside the States. Especially if you're living in Russia.

It's interesting to see the cost of Apple's new smartphone-baby in Canada and Mexico - quite literally the USAs neighbours - is $80 more in the former and over $300 more in the latter. Might be a good reason to duck over the border and grab the iPhone X, provided you don't take any taxes into account.

However, it's not quite worth the flight from London to New York, though the UK are paying the equivalent of $338.26 more than their American counterparts. Lucky the weather is always great there, or they'd be really grumpy about that fact I'm sure.

Meanwhile, Japan, where the iPhone 7 Plus was a popular choice for consumers, is sitting pretty with very little difference in price to their transpacific partners.

The major takeaway for me? Phones are getting real expensive.

Check out the infographic below.

Image: Business Insider

[Business Insider]



    typical useless company

    This is an invalid comparison. Simply converting currency doesn't take tax into account. At least for the Australian comparison (I can't speak for the other countries), the Australian price includes GST, whereas the US price excludes sales tax.

    We are still getting ripped off, but not by as much as your 'infographic' purports.

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