The Selfie, Explained [Infographic]

To paraphrase Mr. Jefferson from the video game Life is Strange, a “selfie” is an awful, awful word for something that’s actually quite wonderful. While selfies are often criticised for being obnoxious and narcissistic, they can also be highly artistic and even life affirming. This infographic provides a brief history of this misunderstood practice, with an emphasis on new and compelling technologies.

Apparently, the average 20-something spends over 54 hours a year taking selfies on their smartphones. They also take between two and five photos before picking a winner, which helps to explain the aforementioned 54 hours.

The graphic below from breaks down more selfie-related numbers and also looks at how augmented reality and other technologies have begun to impact phone portraits. Needless to say, the selfies of the future are going to look vastly different to the 2D Instagram snaps of today.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”What I Learned Taking A Selfie Every Day For A Year” excerpt=”People who take selfies are vain, narcissistic and self-absorbed. I don’t understand the point. Is it for attention? Validation? Are you hooked on how many “likes” you get? Get over yourself. I’ve always hated selfies — so I decided to take one every single day for a year.”]

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