How Smartphone Cameras Capture Excellent Selfies Using AI

Smartphone cameras are pretty impressive machines these days. You can do your banking, you can shop, you can video call and you do almost anything a laptop could. But perhaps, most important of all, they give you the ability to take excellent selfies. Here’s how.

This infographic, provided by UBREAKIFIX, offers us a breakdown of how smartphone cameras infuse artificial intelligence (AI) with improved technological features.

It explains three key things AI can detect when you’re about to take a shot — scene recognition, face recognition and light sensors. The first one helps the camera adjust the setting depending on how wide the shot is and the ratio of foreground and background objects while the second determines where a human’s face is so it can blur the edges around it, giving that portrait effect everyone’s used to seeing.

The third feature has to do with light sensitivity and it’s why your photos don’t come out too bright or dark. Obviously, all of this is done within the computational limits of your specific device.

For a more detailed run-through, check out the infographic below.

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