How To Take The Perfect Selfie [Infographic]

How To Take The Perfect Selfie [Infographic]

When the dust settles on the impending Apocalypse, surviving scholars will unanimously blame the “selfie” for the complete downfall of human civilisation. To speed up the process, follow the tips in this exhaustively comprehensive infographic. Welcome to the end times.

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The below infographic comes from online camera store Adorama. It purports to teach you how to take a better selfie; with tips on composition, cropping, lighting, background and context. It also suggests advanced selfie tools, such as wide-angle lens accessories and photography apps other than Instagram.

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“Always striving for perfection, below are some essential tips and tricks to help you step up your selfie game,” Adorama explains. “Start snapping away on your smart phone and show the world your new and improved selfies.”

You can find additional selfie tips via our rear camera photography guide and nude selfie tips.

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