How Selfies Can Ruin Your Holiday (And Even Kill You) [Infographic]

How Selfies Can Ruin Your Holiday (And Even Kill You) [Infographic]

Selfies are a thing now and there’s really no escaping it. People just can’t get enough of taking pictures of their mugs, often while they’re on holidays with a beautiful destination as their backdrop. But sometimes people get carried away while trying to take the perfect selfie, which has resulted in a number of deaths around the world, as shown in this infographic from Compare Travel Insurance.

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Not only can taking selfies make holidays less enjoyable, they can also be deadly. In 2014 alone, 12 people died while taking a selfie and experts warn that the death count will be even higher by the end of 2015.

Compare Travel Insurance has put together an infographic that details the most common situations people take selfies on holidays along with data on deaths linked to taking selfies:

A Killer Shot | Travel Selfies Take Aim
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  • I’m not sure if any of these are really the fault of the ‘selfie’, moreso just people putting themselves in risky situations. It would be far better to tell people to avoid obvious risks and not to use their phone while driving rather than avoid selfies.

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