Strewth! Aussie Broadband Just Smashed NBN Plans By $20 A Month

We've seen a bunch of cheap NBN plans in recent months, but this deal really takes the biscuit. For a limited time, Aussie Broadband is knocking $20 off the monthly price of its Unlimited NBN 100 and NBN 50 plans. This brings the total down to as little as $59 per month!

Update: This deal has now ended, but you can still get SpinTel's NBN100 Plan for under $70 - details below.

New Aussie Broadband customers can currently get the $79 NBN 50 plan for $59 per month. The deal comes with unlimited data, no lock-in contract and typical evening speeds of 45Mbps. To get the price down to $59, you need to use the discount code 'BLACK20'.

Here are the inclusions:

Unfortunately, the $59 price is only being offered for the first six months. After that, it reverts to $79. However, as there's no lock-in contract you can jump ship after six months without copping any cancellation fees.

The same deal also applies to Aussie Broadband's 'Power User' plan: pay $79 instead of $99 for the first six months. (The Power User plan has the same inclusions as above but with much faster typical evening speeds of 86Mbps.)

Get an extra $30 off your first month!

If the above doesn’t sound good enough (whaddaya want, blood?), you can score an additional $30 credit by using the discount code ‘CYBER20’, which includes the aforementioned $20 discount.

This brings the total for your first month to just $29 on NBN 50 plans and $49 for NBN 100 plans. Ridiculous!

Note that this deal is limited to the first 200 customers, so you will need to jump on this quick. Here is the link.

How does this compare to other NBN plans?

Here's how the limited-edition pricing compares to other NBN 100 plans on the market:

As you can see, some of the above prices are even cheaper than Aussie Broadband's offering. The SuperLoop deal looks especially good, with 90 Mbps typical evening speeds for just $68.95 per month. (However, this price is only being offered for the first six months, just like the Aussie Broadband plan.)

Remember, to get the deal above, you need to use the discount code 'BLACK20'. You can check out more cut-price NBN plans in the linked articles below.

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