The NBN Is Crazy Cheap Right Now [Updated]

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While we tend to think of Black Friday sales as being reserved for gadgets, appliances, clothing and video games, NBN providers like get in on the fun too. Here are six Black Friday deals from Aussie Broadband, Superloop, Telstra and more that are a cut above the average when it comes to pricing and inclusions. If you're not on a contract, now is the time to make the switch...

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Kogan Internet: NBN 100

This NBN 100 plan comes with unlimited data and the first six months is discounted at $75.90 per month. After that, it'll cost you $85.90 per month.

Tangerine: NBN 100

Tangerine's NBN 100 plan similarly comes with unlimited data and the first six months will set you back $79.90 per month, a little extra than Kogan's plan. After that period, it'll be $89.90 a month.

Tangerine: NBN 50

If an NBN 100 plan is more data than you'll ever need, you can opt for the Tangerine NBN 50 plan. It comes with unlimited data as well and the first six months will be $59.90 per month. Then it'll cost you an extra $10 a month at $69.90.

Telstra: NBN 50

Telstra is joing the Black Friday bandwagon with its NBN 50 plan. It also comes with unlimited data and the first month is free and the $99 connection charge is waived. After that, you'll be paying $90 per month.

Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband is doing a $20 per month discount on NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans if you use the promo code 'BLACK20'. This lasts for your first six months - but you can cancel after the promotion ends. The offer runs until December 2.


Superloop is knocking $21 off NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans for the first six months. Here are the NBN 50 options:

And here are the NBN 100 plans:

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