Cheapest NBN 250 Plan From MyRepublic up for Grabs

Cheapest NBN 250 Plan From MyRepublic up for Grabs
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The cheapest NBN 250 plan was just launched by MyRepublic and that’s worth noting — only a few providers in Australia currently offer this speed tier (the second-fastest speed in the country).

MyRepublic is the latest telco to launch a new NBN 250 plan, following Aussie Broadband and Superloop.

Notably, the plan is priced at $109 per month, which is $20 per month less than Aussie and Superloop.

However, there’s a slight catch —  the peak hour speeds may not be as good. MyRepublic is only reporting typical evening speeds of 150Mbps, whereas Aussie and Superloop both report 215Mbps.

Here’s a look at MyRepublic’s plan:

You can get it contract-free or alternatively, sign up for a 12-month contract to get a modem bundled in.

Here’s how the plan compares to Aussie and Superloop:

NBN 250 not available to everyone

It’s important to note that only certain NBN customers can get an NBN 250 plan.

This includes all customers with an FTTP connection as well as 70 per cent of HFC customers.  There are plans in the works by the NBN Co to upgrade the HFC portion of the network to ensure all customers can get it by June 2021.

Do you need NBN 250?

It’s not a speed tier everybody needs. However, it could be a worthwhile option if you’re a heavy gamer, big on high-definition streaming or need to download some really hefty files while working from home.

Most importantly though, it’s not exactly a budget-friendly option so there’s a bit to consider on the cost front.



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