Strewth! Superloop Just Smashed NBN Pricing By $21 A Month

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Aussie telco Superloop is offering a $21 discount on all NBN plans for the first six months. That works out to a saving of $126‬! The plans are also contract-free so you can cancel after the promotion ends. Here are the available plans and inclusions – and our picks for each speed tier.

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If you didn’t snap up Superloop’s Black Friday offer back in November, you’ve now got another shot at the same deal.

Depending on the plan you plump for, you could be paying as little as $43.95 per month, which is pretty nuts. The top-tier 100 / 40 Unlimited plan, meanwhile, will set you back $77.95. (Down from $98.95 per month.)

You can see what’s included by clicking on our interactive tables below. (Scroll down to see each speed tier.)

Superloop NBN 100 plans

Superloop’s 500GB 100 / 20 plan is currently down to $58.95 per month ($79.95 per month thereafter.) The 500GB 100 / 40 option is $63.95 per month ($84.95 per month thereafter), while the Unlimited 100 / 20 and Unlimited 100 / 40 plans are now $68.95 and $77.95, respectively. (The latter two revert to $89.95 and $98.95 after six months.)

Unless you really, really need fast upload speeds, get the Unlimited 100 / 20 option.

Here’s how the above deals compare to other NBN 100 plans on the market:

Superloop NBN 50 plans

You’ve got two options for this particular speed tier – 500GB for $52.95 per month ($73.95 after six months) or Unlimited data for $57.95 per month ($78.95 thereafter.) We’d definitely go for the latter – it’s only $5 extra per month for all the data you can use.

Here’s how the above deals compare to other NBN 50 plans on the market:

Superloop NBN 25 plans

Superloop’s NBN 25 plan, which comes with unlimited data, is currently going for $43.95 per month. Like the other plans, the price jumps by $21 after the first six months – but you can of course cancel at any time.

Here’s how the above deals compare to other unlimited NBN 25 plans on the market:


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