McDonald’s $2 McDouble Burger Is Back! Back! BACK!

McDonald’s $2 McDouble Burger Is Back! Back! BACK!
Image: McDonald's Australia

The $2 McDouble burger – comprising two beef patties, pickles, chopped onions, ketchup, mustard and a slice of cheese – is back from the dead. In other words, your dinner just got a hell of a lot tastier and cheaper!

If you’re sick of Macca’s ever-inflating prices, the $2 McDouble is exactly what the doctor ordered.(Actually it’s unlikely any medical practitioner would prescribe one of these things due to the high fat content. That’s that adage knackered then.)

In any event, this is by far the best-value burger on McDonald’s menu. (McDonald’s hamburgers are technically cheaper, but you need about three of those to fill yourself up.) You’re essentially getting a Double Cheeseburger for a third of the price. Bargain!

The McDouble is currently absent from McDonald’s online menu, presumably to keep themselves in business (there’s no way these things aren’t being sold at a loss.) But they’re definitely in store – I just scoffed one and it was great.

So get your butt down to your local Macca’s and pretend it’s 1987 again.


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