McDonald's Just Killed The McDouble Burger

Image: McDonald's Australia

Alas, my McDouble-loving friends, it appears McDonald's has sent the popular burger off into the sunset. From what we know, it won't be replaced with the McSingle, or the McTriple, leaving fans to make do with less-thrifty substitutes.

A staple of the McDonald's "Loose Change" menu, the McDouble combined the best part of a regular hamburger — the patty — with, well, a regular hamburger. Twice the meat, without messing with one's condiment ratios.

For whatever reason, it appears the fast food franchise has done away with it. Typing "McDouble" into Google returns the product page from the McDonald's website as the first result, however, if you click the link, you'll be redirected to the main page.

You won't find it on the current Loose Change menu, but a visit to the page as it appeared in March reveals the McDouble as item number one.

Image: Lifehacker / McDonald's / Internet Archive

Even with the McDouble banished from the menu, punters after similar fare won't necessarily be left wanting.

The Double Cheeseburger is a close facsimile (and some might argue, the superior offering) and if you ask your server to forgo a slice of cheese, it's essentially the same thing - albeit without the $3 asking price. (Instead you're looking at closer to $6.)

Alternatively, if you have cash to burn, you could always go to Canada where the McDouble is alive and well.

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    I love Lifehacker but don't you think it is about time you grow up and take some lead, and stop publishing articles about utter rubbish junk food?

    You don't want your readers to die of a premature death I presume?

      You will find plenty of articles relating to healthy eating and exercise. All life choices are welcome at Lifehacker!

      I quite enjoy them. Especially the Takeaway Truths one. But Chris is right, I've seen way more healthy living posts than fast food ones.

      if the article doesn't interest you then why even read it?

      So are you somehow implying you are incapable of independant thought and and a mere article about a burger causes you to loose all control and drive straight to maccas and buy one?

    Not a big fan of their burgers anymore, much prefer KFC and HJ.

    I was quite peeved when McD dropped chicken bites form the menu, now we had to pass off popcorn chicken as chicken bites to the kids (although made it easier for me to get my burger) but they can be hit or miss sometimes they just don't taste great.

      yeah maccas prices are ridiculously high now and for families (we have 3 kids) that's a massive miss when it comes to maccas. Also maccas assumes you have 2 kids, so adding 1 more meal in a family pack just adds up to = go somewhere else or fly to QUeensland it will be cheaper.

      HJ's and KFC are far cheaper, and HJ's freebies are REAL freebies... and you don't have to earn them, they are _always_ available.

    I never understood the need to have it on the menu when the double cheeseburger also exists on the menu

      The McDouble is virtually identical but much cheaper - which is probably why they killed it.

        Feeling a bit peckish a few months ago, I ordered a Double Cheeseburger and the sales girl actually suggested I get the McDouble instead as it was "pretty much the same thing, but cheaper".
        I hadn't even heard of it at the time, so thank you helpful sales girl!

        They will probably bring it back at a later date as a promo item

    For my fellow lovers of a good McDonald's deal, it might be worth looking into using the app to order. There are usually some actually pretty decent promos on there but what REALLY makes it worthwhile is the "Secret $5 Small Meal" that they have for one of their burgers. Currently you can get a small McOz meal for $5 which, personally, is far better than a single McDouble for $3...

    All of it is shit food, you should avoid this poison like the plague...

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