Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: Exercise versus dieting, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 photos, RIP McDonald’s McDouble. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Amazon Prime Day 2018: Here Are The Best Deals [Updated]
    The Amazon Prime Day deals are already beginning to appear online. For the next day-and-a-half, Aussies will be able to snap up discounts and bargains on millions of products including video games, computers, phones, books, gadgets and more. Here are all the best deals so far – and how to get them!
  2. Australia’s Favourite ‘Netflix Show’ Is Exclusive To Foxtel recently ranked the most popular Netflix show in every country around the globe. By analysing Google Trends data, the site was able to reveal which Netflix title sparked the most interest in Australia in 2018.
  3. This Is The Cheapest PS4 Pro Deal We’ve Ever Seen
    Australia’s first Amazon Prime Day is now in full swing – and some of the deals are a lot better than most punters were expecting. Take, for example, the 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro which is currently going for just $379. That’s a cool 32% off the sticker price (and around $100 less than a vanilla 1TB PlayStation 4.) The deal also comes with some Fotrnite goodies.
  4. What’s The Fastest Path To Weight Loss? (Diet Vs Exercise)
    Searching for the best way to lose weight? Should the emphasis be on diet, or can the solution be found in the gym? We pitched the science of one against the science of the other in a bid to find out.
  5. How To Opt-Out Of The Government’s My Health Record
    July 16 marks the start of the three-month period in which Australians can opt-out of the government’s My Health Record. Planned as an “online summary of your health information” that “can be accessed at any time by you and your healthcare providers”, there are no guarantees about how your data will be used by said providers.
  6. Microsoft Is Changing How Windows 10 Updates Work (Again)
    With Windows 10, Microsoft has slowly been working towards a more streamlined way of sending updates to users (when it’s not forcing them down your throat). To this end, by February 2019, “express” patches will be the dominant update method.
  7. This Is The Samsung Galaxy Note 9
    After months of leaked specifications and alleged screen protectors, we finally have our first image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. As previously reported, the new phone is thicker than its predecessor and boasts a new finger print reader. (Best of all, the stylus isn’t yellow. Hurrah!)
  8. Stop Whining About Supermarket Bags Because This IKEA Solution Is Perfect
    For the last month, much of Australia has been gripped in an insane tempest of petulance and stupidity because single-use plastic bags aren’t available in supermarkets any more. This is so first-world problems it’s almost as embarrassing as our national energy policy, but for anyone who is still stressing about this, I’m here to tell you IKEA can save you.
  9. How To Make Spam Calls Automatically Go To Voicemail On Android
    Despite being on the Do Not Call list, I’ve somehow managed to make it onto some sort of robocall list where a woman named “Ann” is trying to sell me insurance. Ann calls me at least a dozen times a day from numbers around the country (what a traveller!) to let me know about all the deals she has available. Whenever I stick around long enough to talk to a rep so I can ask them to stop calling me again, they immediately hang up on me. It’s great.
  10. McDonald’s Just Killed The McDouble Burger
    Alas, my McDouble-loving friends, it appears McDonald’s has sent the popular burger off into the sunset. From what we know, it won’t be replaced with the McSingle, or the McTriple, leaving fans to make do with less-thrifty substitutes.

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