All Five Sharknado Movies Are Leaving Netflix Tonight

All Five Sharknado Movies Are Leaving Netflix Tonight
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Depending on your penchant for deliberately awful B movies, we’ve got some news that’s either fantastic or bloody heartbreaking. The entire Sharknado oeuvre – from Sharknado 1 to Sharknado 5 – is leaving Netflix. You now have a little under 12 hours to watch this fascinating exploration of elasmobranchology.

For those who don’t pay attention to pop culture junk, Sharknado is a movie franchise that asks the question countless scientists have pondered: what would happen if a tornado shot man-eating sharks at humans? The answer involves shotguns, chainsaws and lashings of Ian Ziering from 90210.

Here’s a little taste of what to expect:

Superb. As reported by New On Netflix, all five Sharknados are bidding adieu to Netflix customers tonight. Cancel all your plans and binge them back-to-back.

Alternatively, Netflix also has Jaws and The Reef – two shark films that are infinitely superior. The choice is yours.

[Via New On Netflix]


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