Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: Samsung Galaxy S10 news, killer NBN 100 deals, deleted Netflix shows. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Oh Crap, Netflix Australia Is Giving 31 Shows The ArseEarlier in the week, Netflix Australia quietly removed the entire Sharknado series from the service. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of the feeding frenzy. Over the next few weeks, over 30 more movies and TV shows will be gobbled up. Here’s the full list. (Watch ’em while you still can!)
  2. Aussie Broadband Just Launched A Killer NBN 100 Deal
    Aussie Broadband has a pretty good NBN deal on at the moment, with contract-free, unlimited data plans starting at $79. As an added bonus, you can also get your first month free.
  3. Don’t Buy A New Samsung Phone Until The Galaxy S10 Comes Out
    If you made it through the holiday season without buying a new Android smartphone, you’re probably itching for an upgrade. However, it would be wise to wait until after the Samsung Galaxy S10 comes out – even if you have no intention of buying one.
  4. Netflix Australia Just Added A Buttload Of Movies
    On the first Friday of every month, Netflix bolsters its existing library in a bid to retain existing customers. Tonight’s lineup is especially impressive, with 20 new movies and TV shows coming to the service. Notable highlights include a Netflix Original thriller starring Jake Gillynhall, a bunch of classic modern horror movies – including the Conjuring series – and a new sci-show from the creator of Game Of Thrones! Here’s everything you need to binge watch this weekend.
  5. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Going To Be A Bloody Ripper
    We’re just a couple of weeks away from the biggest smartphone release of the year with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 range. This is a big year as it marks the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy’s first release and, like Apple with the commemorative iPhone X, we can expect plenty of changes from the current line-up.
  6. Everything Coming To Australian Netflix This Week (Feb 4)
    Here is your Netflix binge-list for the week, fresh from the Australian servers! This week’s noteworthy additions include the intriguing Netflix Original El árbol de la sangre, true-crime documentary ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke, modern horror classic Get Out, and a new series of Nailed It!
  7. Where Did All These Gaming Deals Come From? (PS4, Xbox, Switch And PC)
    By now, you’ve probably played through all the games you got for Christmas and are contemplating something new. Fortunately, there’s a stack of great video game deals on right now across all major formats – with prices starting at just $1! Here are 31 handpicked highlights.
  8. Here Are All The 2019 Super Bowl Ads [Updated]
    Whether you’re a fan of American football or couldn’t care less, the Super Bowl is always worth watching for the assortment of crazy adverts. Each year, the world’s biggest brands spend insane amounts of money to debut new commercials in this highly coveted time slot.
  9. How To Watch The Super Bowl 2019 In Australia Online And For Free
    It’s a bit crazy in the US right now, but nothing will stop the Super Bowl, the iconic annual championship game for the National Football League. The 53rd Super Bowl (also known as Super Bowl LIII) is set to kick off in a few days’ time, pitting the New England Patriots against the LA Rams.
  10. All The New Shows Coming To Netflix This Weekend [Updated]
    Netflix Australia is adding a bunch of fresh movies and TV shows to get you through the weekend. Here’s everything that will be dropping between February 8 and February 10!


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