Briefly: Xbox One Indie Games, Sharknado Airing Tonight

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including whether Australians will have access to Xbox One indies games and Sharknado's official local TV debut.

  • It's good that Xbox One will allow indie developers to release titles, but will Australians be able to access that feature? Junglist at Kotaku asked, and got an answer that amounted to: We don't want to tell you.
  • We're sure people who really wanted to see sharks caught up in tornadoes wreaking havoc will have (ahem) "accessed" it already, but if you prefer your entertainment legal, Sharknado debuts on Foxtel channel Universal tonight at 0830pm. We're still not sure why Ten didn't buy the rights to this.
  • Just what you need in time for the weekend: a guide to the health benefits of red and white wine. Cheers!


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