Oh Crap, Netflix Australia Is Giving 31 Shows The Arse

Oh Crap, Netflix Australia Is Giving 31 Shows The Arse
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Earlier in the week, Netflix Australia quietly removed the entire Sharknado series from the service. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of the feeding frenzy. Over the next few weeks, over 30 more movies and TV shows will be gobbled up. Here’s the full list. (Watch ’em while you still can!)

Each month, Netflix bids adieu to a range of third-party movies and TV shows to make way for new content. February’s causality list is noticeably larger than usual and includes several fan favourites.

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Oh Crap, Netflix Australia Is Giving 31 Shows The ArseImage: Supplied

If you only watch one of the below movies before they disappear, make it The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie; a compilation of Loony Tunes shorts directed by Chuck Jones. Hands down, they are among the greatest (and funniest) cartoons of all time – if you’re a parent or have an interest in animation, watch it tonight. Other notable departures include Master And Commander, Ghost of the Mountains and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Here’s the full list, with an official synopsis for each movie. (We’ve also included trailers to some of our personal recommendations.)

The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie – Feb 7

This anthology of cartoons starring Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner features 11 hilarious shorts and an array of classic clips.

Chasing Liberty – Feb 7

Fed up with being shadowed, the 18-year-old daughter of the U.S. President gives her Secret Service handlers the slip while traveling in Europe.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

In 1960s California, a fake medium’s daughter tries to communicate with her late father through a Ouija board, but unleashes a demon instead.

Master And Commander – Feb 7

During the Napoleonic Wars, the captain of a British warship and his close-knit crew go up against a French privateer equipped with better weapons.

Diary of an Exorcist – Feb 8

After a family trauma, Lucas Vidal devotes himself to fighting evil as a priest, but a terrifying exorcism pits him against the devil himself.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Feb 12

Captain Jack Sparrow finds himself in hot water when Salazar escapes the Devil’s Triangle and makes it his mission to obliterate every pirate at sea.

Ghost of the Mountains – Feb 12

An international group of filmmakers sets out on a mission to get up close and personal with a family of elusive snow leopards.

Magicians: Life in the Impossible – Feb 12

Four magicians with specialties that span the illusion spectrum share personal stories and offer some surprising professional insights.

Freeheld – Feb 13

When detective Laurel is diagnosed with cancer, she faces a historic legal battle to transfer her pension benefits to her domestic partner, Stacie.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Feb 13

As inexplicable events baffle experts worldwide, a UFO-obsessed man is drawn to a mysterious mountain that leads to a life-changing encounter.

TV Shows

Oh Crap, Netflix Australia Is Giving 31 Shows The Arse

A bunch of reality TV series and documentaries are leaving this month, but there are some beloved series on the chopping block too, including Downton Abbey and The Vampire Diaries. Hitler’s Bodyguard is also worth a watch.

  • A Man Called God – Feb 10
  • Tomorrow’s Cantabile – Feb 10
  • Cain and Abel – Feb 10
  • Changing Seas – Feb 14
  • Close Quarter Battle – Feb 14
  • Desperate Hours – Feb 14
  • Downton Abbey – Feb 14
  • The Game 365 – Feb 14
  • The New Frontier – Feb 14
  • Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries – Feb 14
  • Unusual Cultures – Feb 14
  • Sports Adventure – Feb 16
  • Top 10 Architecture – Feb 23
  • 1000 Ways to Die – Feb 27
  • Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew – Feb 27
  • Fear Thy Neighbor – Feb 27
  • Great World Hotels – Feb 27
  • Hitler’s Bodyguard – Feb 27
  • The Layover – Feb 27
  • Monster Garage – Feb 27
  • Deadly Women – Feb 28
  • I Am the Ambassador – Feb 28
  • The Vampire Diaries – Feb 28
  • Luxury Travel Show – Feb 28
  • Race of Life – Feb 28

It’s worth noting that this isn’t necessarily a comprehensive list – in the past, Netflix has removed some additional movies on the last day of the month. We’ll let you know if anything else gets chopped.

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  • The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie has a clip from Rabbit Fire, the scene shown in the article. Pay attention to Mel Blanc’s voice skill virtuosity. He does Bugs doing an impression of Daffy, Daffy doing an impression of Bugs, and Bugs and Daffy doing impressions of Elmer. Astonishing!

    It’s also interesting to hear how Mel’s voice weakened (in the framing sequences, which are original to the film) by the time the film was made, 1979. The film also has a fairly strong voice against recreational hunting. And I would take Jones’ claim about Bugs’ “fathers” with a skeptical ear – some important artists in the development of Bugs are left out – Bob Clampett and Ben “Bugs” Hardaway. Jones is a major contributor to the brilliance of the WB cartoons, but he is prone to minimising the contributions of others and also inflating some of his own contributions. For example, he likes to claim the Pepé Le Pew was his sole invention – but have a look at Tashlin’s 1944 I got Plenty of Mutton. It features the character Killer Diller, a ram that behaves very much as Pepé later would: pursuing a reluctant “female”, speaking with a French accent (Mel Blanc used the same voice as he would for Pepé), smothering the victim with kisses, constantly turning up in the victim’s hiding places, and nonchalantly bouncing after a frantically scrambling target. The resemblance to Pepé is very close, but Jones story about the inspiration for Pepé never mentions this and other Pepé prototypes done by other creators.

    Despite all that, Bugs Bunny/Road Runner is a great showcase of some of Jones’ best and most inventive work. It doesn’t have One Froggy Evening probably because it didn’t fit into the chase theme, and would’ve been too hard to edit down for the film. I prefer Rabbit of Seville to What’s Opera, Doc? but either is a good choice. And I never tire of the wonderfully meta Duck Amuck.

    • Interesting info!

      I think a compelling argument could be made for Duck Amuck being the best cartoon of all time. Astonishing that it came out in the early 1950s – it feels more ‘current’ than most modern cartoons.

    • I have a PhD in animation studies and taught it at university for 15 years. I give your comment a High Distinction. BTW, I’d say Clampett’s Corny Concerto is the superior Bugs-goes-classical vehicle. For some reason Australian TV viewers were never really exposed to Clampett or Avery. But Jones was a genius, nonetheless, as I tried to show in this short piece … http://sensesofcinema.com/2002/great-directors/jones/

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