[Updated] You Have One More Day To Get Amazon Prime For $4.99 A Month

[Updated] You Have One More Day To Get Amazon Prime For $4.99 A Month
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Amazon Prime, the company’s streaming and expedited delivery service has been discounted for the last few months, following Amazon’s entry into Australia. Tomorrow is the last day before the discounted price of $4.99 jumps to $6.99.

Amazon Prime is probably the best value subscription service going around – as long as the content is what you’re looking for. As well as the streaming video service, you get access to 2 million tracks on Prime Music, free access to 1,000 e-books and games and exclusive in-game content through Twitch Prime.

If you sign up for Amazon Prime you’ll pick up a month for free and a price $4.99 per before the price goes up at the start of February to $6.99 per month.

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Amazon's entry into Australia last year was underwhelming, but the company continues to shore up its local storefront in a bid to tempt shoppers. Part of that includes Amazon Prime, a paid subscription service that provides users with extra benefits, such discounts, deals and even streaming video. So, what does Prime have to offer Australians?

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Given the way subscription costs can tally up, $2.00 a month doesn’t sound like much but it’s a couple of decent take-away meals a year.


Amazon has provided some further clarification:

Customers are eligible for their free-trial, then one-month at the introductory price if they signed up before end of day 31st. So they would pay $4.99 on 28 February, then $6.99 for their next payment.


  • It’s $4.99 per month until tomorrow, but the $4.99 doesn’t stick, it rises for everyone to $6.99 a month.

    You’re better off paying annually which is $4.99 a month but the month to month fee will be $6.99 for everyone including current subscribers.

    I think it’s a great price for 2 day shipping, but it is $6.99 for everyone – so don’t sign up today thinking the rebill will be $4.99!

  • This article is misleading. The discount only applies to the first month if you sign up today. Not sure where you buy your decent take-away meals from, but I’ll take a bunch of them for $1 a pop.

    • That’s not how it works. The deal is to subscribe for $4.99 each month, not just for the first month.

      Or you could pay $59 for the whole year, which works out cheaper anyway.

      • That is not correct. From the signup page: “You will continue to receive Amazon Prime for the introductory price of $4.99/month through 31 January 2019, after which your Amazon Prime benefits will renew at the full price of $6.99/month and continue until cancelled. “

      • It really isn’t.
        Signed up 18 months ago = 1 free month and then $4.99 per month till January 31 2019, then $6.99 per month
        Signed up yesterday = 1 free month and then $4.99 per month till January 31 2019, then $6.99 per month

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