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Want to smarten up your home in 2019? Now is the time to get started, with a couple of great deals on Amazon's various Echo devices - plus you can look out for all the associated smart home furnishings as the Christmas sales progress.


It's the last day of November which means many of us will be getting ready to start our Christmas shopping. Just looking at Facebook, Christmas trees will be getting delivered over the next few days and, once they're decorated, people will be looking for gifts to put under there.

So, what can you do to prepare for the shopping onslaught? Here are five tips.


While the likes of Microsoft, Apple and other well known brands get most of the attention in the tech press, there's one company that has been there all the way since the birth of personal computing. Intel's processors and memory chips have been a foundational part of the world we live in for decades. But with many companies now entering the silicon business, Intel's market dominance is reducing.

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Data from business analytics company illion shows a record number of Australian retailers are going to the wall. Although relatively low as a percentage of all companies, the negative trend is worth highlighting given the laundry list of headwinds already facing the sector.

Multiple analysts agree that the near-term performance of the retail industry will serve as a critical test of the broader health of the Australian economy.