The Most Controversial Lifehacker Posts Of 2018

The Most Controversial Lifehacker Posts Of 2018

Getting mad online is an important part of internet culture, but it can be hard to predict exactly what is going to set the masses off. (This year, it was coleslaw, anything Nick wrote about MoviePass, the flu shot, and many other fun topics.) Here are our most angry-email inducing posts from 2018.

The Most Controversial Posts Of 2017

It's impossible to please everyone on the internet, but some times you strike an online nerve, and things can get a little heated. Here are some of the posts that made your blood boil just a bit in 2017.

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Body Wash Is a Scam and You Fell for It

ImageFlickr Creative Commons” loading=”lazy” > Photo: Lucille Pine, Flickr Creative Commons

Stop Asking Your Kid About Their Day

ImageUnsplash” loading=”lazy” > Photo: Hunter Johnson, Unsplash

Stop Hand Washing Your Dishes

ImagePexels” loading=”lazy” > Photo: rawpixel, Pexels

How to Get Free Drinks on a Plane

ImagePhoto: Getty Images, Mondadori Portfolio

Lettuce Is Bullshit

ImagePhoto: Jatuphon Buraphon, Pexels

How to Give a Lazy Blowjob

ImageIllustration: Jim Cooke, Gizmodo Media Group

Surprisingly Good Life Lessons From the Satanic Bible

ImagePhoto: Claire Lower

The One Hit Wonders Nostalgia Playlist

ImageRCA Records” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot: RCA Records

Salted Butter Has Always Been the Secret to Better Cookies

ImagePhoto: A.A. Newton

Stop Making Bad Coleslaw

ImagePhoto: Claire Lower