The Most Controversial Posts Of 2017

The Most Controversial Posts Of 2017

It’s impossible to please everyone on the internet, but some times you strike an online nerve, and things can get a little heated. Here are some of the posts that made your blood boil just a bit in 2017.

Guys, Stop “Hatfishing” to Hide Your Bald Spot


Photo by Ryan Hyde.

This is awful rich, coming from a man with a gorgeous head of hair who also wears a lot of hats (very well, I might add).

Why You Want to Be the Hero Who Brings Salad to Thanksgiving


Photo by Claire Lower.

None of you wanted to be this particular kind of hero, it turns out. (Confession: I didn’t eat any salad on Thanksgiving, so you win, I guess.)

Let’s All Stop Saying Bless You


Photo by James Gathany/CDC

Sneezes aren’t special, and Nick Douglas wants us to quit treating them like they are. This upset a lot of you, bless your hearts.

How to Deal With Mansplaining at Work


It turns out a lot of men don’t like mansplaining being explained to them, and the comments on this one devolved (or perhaps blossomed) into some sort of meta-performance art.

Coke Zero Was a Bullshit Drink From the Beginning


Photo by Denise Sebastian.

Diet soda sommeliers came out in full force to condemn our health editor’s take on the end of the popular fizzy, sugar-free beverage.

3-Ingredient Happy Hour: The Very Simple and Good Scotch Highball


The photo was the problem.

Did I fully know and expect whiskey bros to get mad when I added soda water to a very nice and expensive scotch? Yes. Did I do it anyway, because it was there and given to me for free? Also yes. Does this make me a troll? Sort of.

Hang a Dish Towel Inside the Dishwasher to Show the Dishes Are Clean


Image by Jim Cooke, photo by Shutterstock

Many of you thought this move was the height of laziness, noting “If you have time to put a towel in the dishwasher, then why not just put the dishes away…duh.” Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but one of those things definitely takes me longer than the other.

Stop Teaching Your Preschooler How to Read


Your kid will learn to read just fine in school, which means you can focus on reading to them, rather than having them read to you. I would have thought this news would bring relief, but some of you were not relieved.

Will It Sous Vide?: The Head of a Pig

The graphic pig face removal footage in this video was so controversial, it was flagged and obscured on Facebook. I, however, maintain that meat is meat, one should want to use as much of the animal as possible, and that this is no more offensive that a spatchcock how-to.


  • “Mansplaining” is probably the most sexist term created in a while.
    Some women just hate learning from men.
    Immature, and sexist, but there it is.

    Of course, let’s not forget all the troll baiting articles that were written for the page hits.

    • Congratulations for embodying the term or at the very least showing why it still has relevance!

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