Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: 2017 Grammys viewing tips, NBN ISP pricing changes and your first glimpse at Australia’s new $10 bank note. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Why NBN Co Is Wrong About Gigabit Broadband
    Last week, NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow took a beating for claiming Australians won’t use a gigabit broadband service, even if it was offered for free. He hit back at his detractors with a lengthy opinion piece, explaining his position. We take a look at some of the arguments he made and breakdown why they are flawed.
  2. Why 3D TV Failed (And What’s Coming Next)
    Back in 2010 Sony Australia’s Paul Colley forecasted that a large percentage of Australian viewers would have 3D televisions by 2014. In the same year, industry pundits such as Simon Murray predicted that sales of 3D TVs were set to increase in the years to come.
  3. How To Watch The 2017 Grammy Awards Free And Online In Australia

    The 2017 Grammy Awards are about to kick off at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. For music fans here in Australia, we explain how to catch every performance live – even if you’re stuck at work.
  4. Watch The 2017 Grammys Live Stream Here!
    The 2017 Grammy Awards has just started with an opening performance by Adele. Click here to watch the live stream!
  5. Say G’Day To Australia’s New $10 Bank Note
    Last year, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) released a redesigned $5 banknote with new security features to prevent counterfitting and a controversial “tactile strip” depicting a bird and wattle plant. Now, it’s the $10 note’s turn.
  6. NBN Pricing Changes For ISPs: Here’s What You Need To Know
    NBN Co is changing up its connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) pricing model so internet service providers (ISPs) will be charged a lower CVC price as their customer base grows. What does this mean for consumers? Let’s find out.
  7. What Are The Maximum Number Of Coins You Can Legally Pay With?
    Back in 2013, an irate motorist in Adelaide attempted to pay his traffic fine with nothing but loose change. The video of the incident went viral and online debate raged over whether the council was entitled to refuse the payment.
  8. The Cars People Regret Buying Most, According To Consumer Reports
    Buying a new car is always exciting at first, but it can take a little while before you realise your ride is more lemon than luxury. Consumer Reports surveyed owners of recently-purchased cars to see which models caused the most buyer’s remorse.
  9. Your Risk Of Infection From Eight Different Sex Acts, Ranked [Infographic]
    Today is Valentine’s Day, which means most of us will be bumping uglies at some point. If you’re in a new or polygamous relationship, it pays to know what the risks are from engaging in unprotected sex. This ‘STI Risk Meter’ ranks the likelihood of infection for eight popular sex acts – from kissing to analingus.
  10. Is It Legal To Have A ‘No Bogans’ Hiring Policy?
    A small business in Perth recently posted a job ad on Gumtree that said “No bogans or rough people need apply”. Is this a violation of workplace discrimination laws? Let’s find out.

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