Which Store-Bought Foods Do You Prefer Over Homemade?

Which Store-Bought Foods Do You Prefer Over Homemade?
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Most foods taste better when they’re homemade, but there are a few treats that I prefer to purchase, whether it’s due to my lack of ability, laziness, or the fact that one simply cannot make a Dorito chip like the scientists at Frito-Lay can.

There’s no arguing that homemade food is usually better for you, but some things just taste better when they’re made by someone (or something) else. I have a lot of thoughts about this subject and, as always, I have questions about your preferences.

  • What, in your opinion, is the one food that is never better homemade? Unless you are a pastry savant, you are probably not going to make a croissant better than what you’ll buy at a bakery. And unless you work at Nabisco, you’re probably not going to make a mint Oreo thin that’s better than what you can buy at Target.
  • What’s your favourite pre-packaged cookie? Mint Oreo thins.
  • What about chips? Doritos are good and I would never attempt to replicate them.
  • Is there a bottled salad dressing you just can’t replicate at home? Well, until today, it was this ginger dressing, but I finally figured that one out.
  • What’s your opinion on homemade french fries? Don’t do it! (Unless you have a decent deep-frying setup.) You have nothing to gain but a lot of fry oil, and they’re not going to be as good as McDonald’s or, like, fries from any other restaurant that has a deep fryer.
  • What baked good is best left to the professionals? The aforementioned croissants and baguettes. (Unless complicated baking projects are soothing to you.)
  • Are homemade brownies really better than boxed brownies? Rarely. The recipe in the BraveTart cookbook is the only one I mess with, but you cannot beat the ease-to-taste ratio of a boxed mix. So few homemade recipes achieve that perfect crinkly crust and super chewy edges.
  • What’s a cocktail you can’t quite master at home? I make a mean martini, but Pepe Le Moko makes a perfect martini, and I don’t understand why theirs is so flawless.
  • What fast food or mass-produced snack has been scientifically optimised? For those who missed the memo, Taco Bell recently relaunched in Australia. I love the trashy perfection of their Doritos Locos Taco Supreme, and the Taco Bell “fries” taste like delicious chemical warfare. My love for McDonald’s Egg McMuffin is also very strong.
  • What condiment(s) is/are worse when made at home? Ketchup / Tomato sauce.

Feel free to answer as many or a few of the above questions as you feel like, or simply ramble about your favourite store-bought food or beverage. If you’ve had great success cracking the code on a store-bought favourite, share that too!

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