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Dear Lifehacker, I always take my thumb drive wherever I go. I'm also a bit absentminded. I want to guarantee my thumb drive gets returned to me if I ever lose it. My idea is to have malware hidden on the drive in a specific folder labelled 'porn101' or 'myprivatefiles'. If the person opens that file, it will automatically encrypt their computer and ask them to email me to get the unlock code. (I will give it to them once they return the thumb drive to me, of course.)

Which brings me to my question - is this legal? It's not like I'm demanding money or anything. I just want my property back!


Dear Lifehacker, I am starting to collect points from different airlines. I am starting to sign up to credit cards as a part of my effort to do so — Amex has been rewarding because we can transfer the points to Singapore Airlines, Etihad, and so on. Do you have any tips to earn more points? I know buying wine from the Qantas online store is one of the best ways, but I don’t spend on wine.


Dear Lifehacker, What's the best way to get those little bits of egg shell out of a cracked egg? Sometimes I try to be cool by cracking eggs with one hand, but if my attention lapses for a second a bit of egg shell can escape into the bowl of shelled eggs. When I try and retrieve the little thing it lets me get really close to grabbing it but at the last minute inevitably slips through my fingers, teasing me to the point of madness. Any ideas?


Dear Lifehacker, Lots of people are chronically late, and one big reason is the habit of always trying to do 'one more thing' before heading to an appointment. I suffer from this, and I've asked enough people to know that I'm not alone. Such people plan their day carefully, they know what time they have to leave, but they think 'I'll just do this one more thing before I go'. And that turns into another, then another, all small and probably non-urgent tasks that should only take up a few seconds but end up taking minutes, and then they end up late! Is there any way to deal with this? Thanks, One More Thing


Dear Lifehacker, Recently I sold a mobile phone that was is full working order to someone. I tested it prior and all was good. Within a few hours the buyer was claiming there were problems with the phone which I totally refute. First they asked for costs to cover the repair and now they are asking for a full refund, all within 24 hours.

Where do I stand as the seller as I still claim there was nothing wrong with the phone and if it has issues now, they were caused by the buyer after I sold it to them?


Dear Lifehacker, I've been employed as a fly in-fly out (FIFO) worker for a year. In that time I have gained over 10 kilograms and with little time to exercise due to the schedule, I'm worried for my future health.


Dear Lifehacker, I read somewhere that a creative workspace can lead to higher productivity and wanted to know if it's true? I work in a boring office job (it pays the bills) but I'm a creative type at heart. My question is, how can I add creativity to my corner of a boring workplace to inspire myself (preferably without getting in trouble)?


Dear Lifehacker, I'm in the market for a new computer. My friend says it's cheaper to build one myself, but it looks like I can get a cheaper computer from Dell or Asus. I'm not afraid of building, but I'd rather not spend extra if I don't have to. Which will actually save me money?


Dear Lifehacker, My father started a family-owned business from the ground up in 1999. We had a customer that owes us a lot of money but has gone bankrupt. My father spent years building this business and I'd hate to see him lose the money he has earned. It broke my heart when he told me there was nothing that can be done. Surely there is something we can do to get what we're owed? I do not want to believe there is nothing that can be done.


Dear Lifehacker, I teach a computer class and last week I had a client with a copy of Win 10 which was installed by a friend and it is weird. For example, it doesn't have MS Office so I used Wordpad to show him creating and saving text files but when he saved as an RTF the file morphed into a spreadsheet. His pictures folder is full of pictures of a red truck. I suspect that he does not have a legal copy although his computer seemed eager to install updates (I only had an hour for the lesson so didn't follow up on that). Is there a quick way of finding out if his copy is legal?


Dear Lifehacker, I work in a call centre and always have bits of spare time between my calls. It adds up to a lot of time wasted per day but the time between calls isn't huge. Are there any things I can be doing to further myself in this time? Maybe learning a language? I'd be interested in what ideas you guys might have!


Hey Lifehacker, I just finished watching all six seasons of The Sopranos which got me to wondering: does the Mafia actually still exist, or is it just a Hollywood fantasy? If it's real, in which countries does it operate? It might influence my travel plans!

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Dear Lifehacker, I recently installed a new graphics card and realised that my monitor, which uses VGA and a DVI-I converter, won't plug into the graphics card's DVI-D port. Instead of buying a DVI-D converter, sounds to me like this is a good opportunity to invest in a new monitor with HDMI. Any recommendations around the $400 mark?