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Dear Lifehacker, I've been wondering about the appropriate cold storage instructions for cooked poultry. If refrigerated right after cooking, how long does cooked chicken last in the fridge? All the US government sites suggest 3 to 4 days, but I can’t find any reference points for Australia. Can you help? Thanks, Aspiring Colonel


When it comes to wireless charging, I confess, I’m not that well-versed in the intricacies of smartphone electronics. More importantly, there are plenty of myths about how you should charge your device in the most effective, safest, and least battery-draining manner.

I don’t want to repeat junk science, so I’ll try to provide as much sourcing as I can for my battery-related statements.


Dear Lifehacker, Today I ate a big piece of cooked chicken that had been in the refrigerator (not frozen) for 10 days or so. It seemed good in terms of smell and taste but I do not know if I should have thrown it out and not eaten it? Am I going to get sick?


You can eat well and exercise, but to round out your identity as a Person Who Makes Healthy Choices you may feel like you need to drain a large water bottle a few times a day. The benefits of chugging H2O are myriad and legendary, but are they real?


Most of us have probably been enraged at some point by poor customer service and have wanted to let the world know about it. Whether it be to your loyal following on social media or anonymously on a product review site, we've all been there.

While it definitely doesn't solve the original problem, it leaves us feeling vindicated and that's what truly matters. Except that vindication could come at a huge cost.


Independent movies during the mid-2000s had a big problem with female characters. A trend saw writers and directors, mostly male, create female characters who were whimsical, quirky and lacking in pretty much anything else. They were called the Manic Pixie Dream Girl (MPDG) and while they've been shamed out of movies in recent years, the trope is still lingering around in modern-day forms. Let us explain.


When I first heard about electric bikes, they struck me as the ultimate life hack. They allow you to commute relatively speedily without the hassle of public transportation, to get exercise without getting overly sweaty, to get from point A to point B without spending money on gas. As a longtime urban cyclist who’d sworn off bike commuting after a move put a sizable hill between me and the office, I wondered if electric bikes were the answer. I decided to find out.


It’s no secret we’re very into data security and online privacy, and one of the easiest steps you can take is to use a password manager to generate (and store) strong, very-difficult-to-crack passwords. Even if you don’t care about the security aspects — perhaps you think you’re unhackable — they’re an incredibly convenient way to remember your passwords for all the sites and services you subscribe to.


Last year, Judd Apatow, Debra Messing and Rick Perry⁠ — the U.S. Secretary of Energy and guy in control of America's nuclear weapons — fell for a lie that’s been circulating on Instagram: that Instagram changed its policies so that they could use all of your photos, messages, and other information at their disposal. In reality, Instagram doesn't legally "own" your photos - but it can use them in any way it sees fit, forever.


Dear Lifehacker, I've heard cow's milk is actually bad for you, or at least not beneficial when compared to the many alternative options. But if I shouldn't drink milk, what's the best alternative? Are any of them good? I've heard good and bad things about most, so how do I decide?


Dear Lifehacker, I'm on a fixed salary, which is based on the amount of hours I work per year. However, on leap years the pay remains the same as non-leap years. Shouldn't I be getting paid eight hours extra? Or am I expected to work an entire day for free?


If you're not rich and aren't renting, it's a fair bet that you're putting aside a significant portion of your salary on mortgage payments. We've crunched some numbers to determine where you should live if you want to have as much income left as possible once the bank takes their slice.


If Rambo was a real person, the standing military press would be his favourite weight training exercise. A variation of the overhead press, it derives its name from its use in the military as a strength indicator.

If you want to get in shape, the military press is definitely a move worth mastering, as it targets the shoulder, upper arm and leg muscles simultaneously. Here's how to do it correctly.


We all know that garbage has a terrible impact on our environment — take a look at the plastic bottles washing up on our beaches and in our waterways. But when it comes to the question of bottles versus aluminium cans, does one container have an even worse impact on the environment than the other?


Dear Lifehacker, I work in a typical 9-to-five office job. I can tell my posture isn't ideal and I catch myself slouching all the time. But when I try to consciously sit up straight, it quickly becomes uncomfortable and I slip right back to where I started within the hour. Do you have any beginner-friendly tips for easing myself into better posture habits?