Foxtel Has Jacked Its Streaming Prices By Up To $94 A Month

Foxtel has changed the way it prices its streaming-only Foxtel Now service, and not for the better. A change to the structure of its already confusing entry packs and starter packs means that the cheapest possible subscription has jumped from $10 to $25, with the Pop pack (which houses Game of Thrones) going from a $15 commitment to a $25 one. And Sport? Where once you could unlock it for $39 the minimum price is now $54 a month. Boooo.

Previously, Foxtel Now worked on a two tier system. You bought an entry-level pack, either Kids, Lifestyle or Doco for $10 each, or Drama or Pop for $15 each. Then you could add the premium packs on top of one of these: Movies for $20 or Sport for $29. So if you only wanted Sport, for example, you could get one of the $10 packs as your base.

Now, Foxtel Now has switched to only one entry pack – a combination of Pop and Lifestyle that will cost you $25. While this pack thankfully contains Foxtel’s one staple Game of Thrones, it also means people who previously were only subscribing for Game of Thrones now have an extra $10 channel they never asked for.

Sport fans aren’t going to be happy about this change either – with the $15 raise in the entry level plans, the already expensive Sports channel has raised its minimum monthly price to $54, where before it could be had for only $39. Drama is now a $10 add on to the $25 base price.

But the most egregious price raise comes for those invested in the Kids or Doco packs. Where both of these could once be subscribed to for $10 each, they are now only included if you buy every single pack. Yes, the minimum price for these packs has increased from $10 a month to $104 a month – an increase of 940 per cent. Sorry, kids, Peppa Pig is not worth that kinda cash.

The only good news is, if you’re already a subscriber you will continue to pay your original subscription fee. However if you’re one of the people who cancels after Game of Thrones is finished and then signs up again the next year, you’re in for a cool $50 for the show’s final season.

When questioned on the change, a Foxtel representative on their official community forums indicated that the change was made to simplify the pricing structure: “We now provide one default entry pack which has combined the Pop & Lifestyle pack together. This gives customers a wider selection of content at entry, which includes Foxtel originals, showcase and Arena (all included in the Pop & Lifestyle entry pack).”

“Reducing the package combination options will help us eliminate confusion about which channels are available in which pack (e.g. showcase and Arena are currently available in multiple packs).”


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