Dealhacker: 80 Pieces Of KFC Popcorn Chicken For $10

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KFC is currently selling 80 pieces of KFC Popcorn Chicken for $10. That's, like, 12 cents per piece. Here are the details!

As is often the case with these fast food promotions, you can only get the deal through the app which you can download here. The offer should be available at all KFC-owned restaurants but franchisees are currently a bit hit-and-miss. (Tragically, our local Martin Place outlet in NSW wasn't partaking in the deal.)

You can find your closest participating restaurant through the KFC app. Good luck!

[Via OzBargain]

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    What KFC counts popcorn chicken?

    Pfft! guys, the #AussieLegends @ Red Rooster are already doing this! (and it's a normal menu item)

    Go in restaurant or order delivery on and you can get almost 100* of our moreish Buttermilk Chicken pops in a large size for just $9.99!

    (Personally I think our pops are more delish too!)

    #justsayin #nowTHATS'adeal

    *And yes, we went to the trouble of counting them!

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