Dealhacker: KFC's Popcorn Chicken Box Is $5 Of Fatty Goodness

Looking for a cheap feed that actually fills a hole? The KFC Popcorn Chicken Box contains a popcorn chicken, one Wicked Wing, a regular chips, a regular potato & gravy and a 250ml soft drink for just $5. In other words, it's the perfect takeaway lunch for gluttons on a budget.

KFC is constantly changing its combo deals, but this is probably the most value-packed option it's offered to date. The KFC Popcorn Chicken Box packs in four food items and a soft drink totaling a generous 2834.3kJ of energy. If anyone's seen a cheaper and more filling takeaway lunch, we'd like to hear about it.

The limited-edition deal will be available in all states and territories. The only downside is that it's only available until 4pm each day, which rules out a sneaky lunch/dinner combo. Although we suppose this is probably for the best.

[Via OzBargain]


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