McDonald's Is Giving Away 200,000 Cheeseburgers Today!

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Today is National Cheeseburger Day (it says here.) To celebrate, McDonald's Australia is handing out 200,000 Cheeseburgers - completely free! Here are the details.

McDonald's is giving away a buttload of cheeseburgers through its MyMacca's App. If you've never used the app before, it's free to download on Android and iOS

McDonald's ran a similar promotion last year but this time it's doubling the amount of free burgers from 100,000 to 200,000. This means you have a better chance of scoring your freebie before the limit is reached.

Unlike last year, you don't need to purchase anything else to claim your free burger - simply open the My Rewards section of the MyMacca’s app and the offer should be there waiting for you. There's a limit of one cheeseburger per customer.

The offer actually started at midnight and will continue while stocks last. (For those who didn't get the memo, McDonald's now offers All Day menu items which means you don't have to wait until 10:30am.)

If you're keen to take advantage of this offer, we recommend not waiting until lunch time. Those 200,000 burgers are going to go fast. (Lifehacker tip: Put it in the fridge and eat it cold at noon. It's not as gross as it sounds.)

[Via McDonalds]

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    The app states, "We are experiencing technical difficulties right now, please try again later."

      They're not free if you have to pollute your phone with their app. It's a dirt cheap way of getting their marketing inside your phone.

        you could install, grab a burger, then uninstall...

        If you consider effort to be some sort of payment, I guess nothing is free for you.

      I tried all day to order this via the app and on the kiosk at different maccas and still the same issue. Finally gave up and then last night i get an email with a tax invoice.

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