Dealhacker: Get A McDonald’s Cheeseburger For $1

Dealhacker: Get A McDonald’s Cheeseburger For $1

From 23 July to 19 August, McDonald’s will be selling cheeseburgers between 12pm and 1pm for just $1. Unfortunately, the offer isn’t available in all states and territories. Here’s what you can do if you’re on the blacklist.

McDonald’s $1 cheeseburger promotion does exactly what it says on the tin: between 23 July and 19 August, customers will be able to buy lunchtime cheeseburgers for just $1 a pop. The deal is only available between 12pm and 1pm and there’s a limit of four burgers per customer, per day.

The deal will be available in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. Sadly, the $1 cheeseburgers will not be offered in NSW or the ACT. (This is an unusual reversal of fortunes — NSW hardly ever misses out on takeaway promotions like this whereas other states often get left by the wayside.)

So, what can you do if you’re in NSW or Canberra? The sensible option is to grab a Double Cheeseburger off McDonald’s Loose Change Menu. This will set you back $2, but you do get an extra beef patty for your troubles.

Alternatively, you can get all Lifehackery and make your own McDonald’s cheeseburger. When we last attempted this experiment in frugality, we managed to get the total price down to $1.38 per burger. That’s not quite as enticing as a single dollar, but on the plus side you can ensure your burger is assembled with a modicum of care.



  • Aaaaand cue all the whinesters coming into the comments section to brag about how much they hate McDonald’s and would never eat it….

    • I want to eat it but its just so bad for me….. Dam it im getting a cheeseburger

  • “So, what can you do if you’re in NSW or Canberra? The sensible option is to grab a Double Cheeseburger off McDonald’s Loose Change Menu.” i live in NSW and the Double Cheeseburger unless brought back since last month has not been sold on the loose change menu for almost a year. some please tell me it is back it will make my day.

    • Double cheeseburgers exist for like $4.15, Its the Mcdouble your thinking of for $2. And it doesnt exist anymore, although they can make you one for $4 something depending on where you are.
      So yeah, update author please, you can eat elsewhere if you want cheap mcdoubles, or isnt there double beef and bacon for like $3 on the loose change. no doubt they’ll take it away soon.

  • Not a massive fan of Maccas generally but I loves me a cheeseburger so spewing that NSW is not included but it’s probably a good thing as I’m pretty sure I could knock 4 down but shouldn’t.

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