Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: Free McDonald’s cheeseburgers, exploding Samsung Galaxy phone news, NBN alternatives and the Sony PlayStation Classic. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Microsoft Is Retiring The Best System Maintenance Tool Windows Ever Had
    Say what you will about Microsoft, it does a good job when it comes to system maintenance tools. Sure, apps like Check Disk and Defrag might be bare-bones, but they get the job done. Disk Cleanup is easily the best of bunch, reclaiming space even dedicated third-party programs can’t. Now, Microsoft is putting DC out to pasture, in favour of something new.
  2. Dealhacker: Get A Microsoft Surface Laptop For $799 (Save $700!)Microsoft Australia is clearing the decks and letting the Surface Laptop go for almost half the original sticker price. They also have a bunch of other products – including the Xbox One X 1TB – selling at substantial discounts. Here are some of the deals.
  3. Five Things To Know About The Google Pixel 3 Event
    Google’s Pixel event is just around the corner and it promises to bring several new products to new phones and services. Here’s what you need to know.
  4. Another Samsung Galaxy Phone Has “Exploded”
    Samsung is no stranger when it comes to controversy and “exploding” phones. And while the convergence of mobile devices has been a great thing for consumers, no one wants the device they carry in their pocket to converge with a barbecue. A report coming via Reddit claims a Galaxy S7 Edge froze and then “exploded”, adding further heat to an already charged safety record.
  5. The Best And Fastest Alternatives To The NBN
    While NBNCo would like us to all wait patiently for their trucks to roll along our streets and connect us to the national network, the reality is that a combination of impatience and mixed reports of network performance have many people considering the alternatives.
  6. Sony Mini PlayStation Classic: What Aussie Gamers Need To Know
    Following in the footsteps of the Nintendo Classic Mini NES and Nintendo SNES Classic, Sony is releasing a miniature retro console of its own. Say g’day to the PlayStation Classic!
  7. McDonald’s Is Giving Away 200,000 Cheeseburgers Today!
    Today is National Cheeseburger Day (it says here.) To celebrate, McDonald’s Australia is handing out 200,000 Cheeseburgers – completely free! Here are the details.
  8. Five Ways The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Beats Apple iPhone XS
    Now that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are out some folks will be standing at their local phone store wondering whether to outlay megabucks for Apple’s new uber-phones or splash out on a smartphone from Samsung’s Galaxy range. What are the key factors when choosing between the latest Apple smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?
  9. How To Make A Restaurant-Quality Baked Potato
    My ex-husband did not know how to cook many things, but he was always willing to learn. I’ll never forget one 25-degree December evening (we lived in Florida) when he called from the other room: “Hey sweetie, I have a couple of questions.” “What?,” I asked. “Uh, first, how do you bake a potato? And is a Christmas tree supposed to have this many spiders?”
  10. A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Has Allegedly Exploded (But Don’t Panic Yet)
    Reports of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catching fire earlier this month may feel like cause for alarm after the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7’s widespread battery problems, but at this moment the incident is just that: an isolated incident.

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