Dealhacker: Get A Free Google Home Mini From Ebay

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The Google Home Mini is an ideal starter product for smart speaker virgins. This doughnut-sized device can do almost everything its bigger sibling can including voice-activated Google searches, the ability to control connected devices in your home, the full version of Google Assistant and the ability to play music.

Normally retailing for $79, you can currently get it for free at eBay. Here are the details!

To get your free Google Home Mini, all you need to do is sign up to eBay's new premium subscription service; eBay Plus. That's it.

eBay Plus is a paid subscription service that provides a range of exclusive benefits including free domestic delivery and returns on 15 million products, special eBay Plus deals and early access to new products.

The service costs $49 a year, however, there's also an introductory offer of $29. Even if you don't particularly care about eBay Plus, that's still a very decent saving of $50.

To get the deal, click here!

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    Could this really be true?
    There's scant documentation about this offer, even after beginning a trial.

    It's showing as $49, not $29 when I go to that link.

      Under eBay Plus' FAQs, it states:

      After the trial period, and for a limited time only, pay just $29 for your first year of eBay Plus. (Normally $49.)

      Until they remove that sentence, you are definitely entitled to $29.

        i've just signed up and their email definitely states $49/Year. Still not a bad deal considering the free shipping for a year. So I think the Introductory offer of $29 will end by the time they bill us.

          It doesn't matter - their website currently says $29 so they need to honor that or it's false advertising. Screenshot the FAQ page and send it to them.

            They billed me for $49, I just chat with the customer service, apparently, the $29 was July promotion... August one is for Google home mini

              Did you screenshot the $29 offer that was still on their website at the time? I'd keep fighting this.

    aaaand it's gone (
    Better cancel my trial now then not paying $49 for this

      If you signed up yesterday you should still get the $29 deal - I'm currently corresponding with eBay to get this confirmed.


          nope they are refusing to honor the $29 as the promo was for July only. :'(

            yupe correct, so annoying. I haven't use any benefit from ebay plus yet...

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