Today’s Cheapest Gaming Console Deals

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While many games now come with support for different gaming consoles, there are some that are more monogamous and don’t have multi-platform support. Or, it might be that you prefer playing particular games on specific consoles. If you’re looking to add to your console collection, there are some great deals around. Let’s see what’s out there for the big three; Switch, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Nintendo Switch

For $399 you can get your hands on what EB Games calls their “Fortnite Essential” – the Nintendo Switch Neon Console.

That’s far and away the best deal on a new Switch around today with most of the others adding at least $30 to that price.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

EB Games has a solid deal on the PlayStation 4 Pro with a black DualShock 4 controller and 1TB Hard Drive. They throw in a copy of Call of Duty for $559.

If you don’t want the game, Amazon offers the same console for $539.

Xbox One X

There’s a bit more competition around when it comes to the Xbox One X. JB HiFi, EB Games and Target all offer Microsoft’s premier console for $649. However, EB Games trumps the others again by adding three games to the mix.

Of course, you could just wait till next week for Amazon Prime Day, when some fresh deals could appear. Even if consoles aren’t discounted, there’s a fair bet there will be some game bundles available.


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