The Ten Best-Selling Products On Amazon Australia

The Ten Best-Selling Products On Amazon Australia
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The initial response to Amazon Australia’s launch a couple of weeks ago was mostly disappointment, with a hint of optimism. There weren’t a lot of quality deals to be found, but video games and consoles were offered at really competitive prices that made a few people take notice.

So it’s no surprise that Amazon Australia’s top ten products since launch heavily feature video games and video game accessories – with a couple of books thrown in for good measure.

Amazon Australia’s launch has previously been described as a ‘wet fart’ but within the first week, video game deals were the talk of the town. The Nintendo Switch popped up on the site for $399, which eclipsed most of the retail pricing in Australia, whereas games like FIFA 18 were marked down around the $40 mark and new release titles were $20 cheaper, at least, than some of the bigger retail outlets.

That certainly shows in Amazon Australia’s top ten products since launch, with video games and consoles holding six of the ten spots. The other four places are filled by a HDMI cable (which is arguably a gaming accessory too), a wireless bluetooth speaker and two books. The $399 Nintendo Switch has been a big winner with both the Grey and Blue/Red versions of the console taking out spots in the top ten.

Australians have always been comfortable buying tech online but there’s no mention here of the household goods, beauty products and endless supply of other Stuff that Amazon Australia sells. Some of that comes down to pricing, no doubt. I couldn’t find many bargains in Amazon’s first week in Australia around goods like kitchenware, cleaning products or beauty but as Amazon begins to get more suppliers on board, hopefully we will see decreases in some everyday staples and eventually see those fill out the top ten instead of luxury products.

It goes to show that if the deal is good, the customers will come. There’s no doubt in my mind that Amazon Australia’s video game offerings have so far been their best, so here’s hoping we see some better deals in the future.

The full top ten are listed below.

      1. FIFA 18 PS4
      2. Call of Duty: WWII PS4
      3. Star Wars Battlefront II PS4
      4. Nintendo Switch – Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con
      5. Strong 3M HDMI Cable
      6. Strong Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
      7. The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need
      8. 5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food
      9. Star Wars Battlefront II XBOX ONE
      10. Nintendo Switch – Grey Joy-Con

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