Dealhacker: The Best Deals From EB Games' Huge PLAYER1 Sale

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Hey! EB are running a sale! It's not a sale with all the red and white sale tape everywhere! In fact, you don't even have to go into the store to get these awesome deals. Consoles, games, accessories! We've got all the best deals here.

The EB Games eBay storefront is running a 20% off sale, as you may know - we brought you the awesome Switch bundle deal yesterday - but now we've gone and pulled out even more good deals. The real bargains here are the consoles, which don't usually see marked discounts, whereas games are less exciting. Also, take note - you will need to pay a small shipping fee of around $5, too.

To grab the deals make sure you put the code PLAYER1 in at checkout. Ready?

Here's what to look at:


Playstation 4

Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

I strongly recommend checking out Amazon's video game deals if you're looking to compare prices on games to go with your shiny, new console. There are definitely some games with slightly better value over there.

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    Here is a life hack, dont shop at EB games.

      If they have the better price, why not. Also, the 7 day no questions asked returns is pretty sweet.

      Better life hack - know when it's appropriate to shop at EB games.

        Galaxy brain mind hack: never shop at all !!!!!!!!!!

    was hoping for some sweet sweet PC action :P

      There's some good deals, but it looks like this website wants us to go in-store rather than read about it.

      I am not very Master Race. Kotaku probably has you covered there.

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