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Choovie is a new service that offers dynamic ticket pricing by combining real-time data capture and consumer analysis, along with automated Netflix-style notifications. It currently has 40 partner venues. Pricing for cinema sessions is based on session popularity. When there are plenty of empty seats, the prices lower than when a session is nearing capacity.


While many games now come with support for different gaming consoles, there are some that are more monogamous and don't have multi-platform support. Or, it might be that you prefer playing particular games on specific consoles. If you're looking to add to your console collection, there are some great deals around. Let's see what's out there for the big three; Switch, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.


The end of financial year looms and that means it's sale time. If you're looking for a way to take advantage of depreciation and tax deduction laws, all while staying legal of course, then there are lots of deals to be had. Ebay has kicked things off with lots of deals on TVs (for the office boardroom perhaps) as well as smartphones, tools and other gadgets. Let's see what they've got.