KFC Is Giving Away A Year’s Worth Of Free Fried Chicken

KFC Is Giving Away A Year’s Worth Of Free Fried Chicken
Image: KFC

KFC is launching its inaugural ‘Chicken Cheque’ award to mark National Fried Chicken Day this Friday, 6 July. The Australian-first ‘Chicken Cheque’ is an all-access pass to one entire year of free KFC. Here’s how you can win it.

We don’t normally report on social media competitions, but felt a year’s worth of KFC was worth making an exception for. The ‘Chicken Cheque’ grants you access to 12-months of free KFC meals, including all drinks, sides and condiments.

To win it, entrants need to let ‘the Colonel’ know what they love about the franchise, so KFC is urging everyone to bring their best anecdotes at the KFC Australia Facebook page. Head over there and comment on its National Fried Chicken Day post with a reason why either you or a nominated chicken lover should win the coveted ‘Chicken Cheque’.

So how much is a “year’s supply”? According to KFC’s T&Cs, the ‘Chicken Cheque’ constitutes a lump sum equivalent of $100 of KFC food products per week. Although how they will actually stop you from using it at multiple outlets remains a mystery. (Perhaps cashiers will be issued with hole punchers and you only get 52?)

Amusingly, the conditions of entry also contain the following caveat:

It is the responsibility of the winner to ensure the food and/or beverage(s) included in the prize are consistent with their dietary requirements.

So the onus is on you to not die of heart failure, liver damage or diabetes-related health complications. You have been warned.

For those interested, the full terms and conditions can be found here.

The winner will be drawn this Friday, 6 July on National Fried Chicken Day and announced on KFC Australia’s Facebook page.

So, get to it. If you love some KFC, this is a great chance to reduce your weekly takeaway budget and get some KFC into your belly. And in the likely event that you don’t win – well, you can always make your own.

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