Telstra’s Network Is Down (Again)

Telstra’s Network Is Down (Again)
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It’s happening again! Telstra customers have been hit by another widespread outage with 3G and 4G users affected nationwide. Here’s what we know.

Telstra not working: mobile and internet both down

It’s a bad day to be on Telstra’s social media staff and make no mistake. Widespread outages have been reported around the country with hundreds of furious users taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Telstra outage: who is affected?

According to Aussie Outages, the latest outage reports are coming from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Surry Hills, Parramatta, Clayfield, Marsfield, and Boondall (everywhere, basically.) The issue is affecting both mobile and internet users. Some customers are also experiencing a blackout on calls.

When will Telstra services be restored?

Telstra is currently informing customers that “an estimated restoration time hasn’t been established”, which doesn’t sound too good. The last outage lasted around five hours, although we don’t know if today’s issues are in any way similar.

Today’s outage comes less than a month after a significant disruption on May 21. That one was blamed on a “software fault”.

We’ll be updating this story as soon as we know more.

This story is developing.

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  • If I was a Telstra customer rep or technician, I would probably hand in my resignation letter as couldn’t handle the stress from these outages. Bad enough the stress I’ve been having with internet dropping in and out for last week so to be the person on the receiving end would not be fun.

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